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About Us


oratius said that a picture is a poem without words. These words were said before photography. He would have said same words for photography if photography had been existed in those ages. We believe that he would have said within reality beyond dreams that photography is a poem without words.

Painting is to convey dreams to canvas, creation of something through interpretations, that does not exist or exists. Photography, on the other hand, is only a photograph if you do not touch its reality. Photography is the reality itself. Photography is to convey what you see in the most real form.

The Route Photography Gallery which was founded by journalist and photographer Tahir Ozgur, started its journey with this objective in Amsterdam in 2017. Our motive is not only to exhibit the photographs, but our purpose is also to depict and/or to narrate stories from all over the world.

Photography is what is conveyed to you from all over the world; It can be in a village of in a town which you have not known. It can be in shade of a tree. It can be in a portrait of a smiling child or in a portrait of a sad mother or in the dance of a young girl.

Our motive is to establish a meeting point for international photographers and emerging talents from different cultures who aim to narrate a story and/or a reality of life to art enthusiasts.

Our photography collection narrates stories from mountain villages of Vietnam, from exceptional mountains of Nepal, from fjords of Norway. It narrates culture of India, revolutions, and renewals in Europe, in Anatolia, in Mesopotamia… Story telling photography collection of the gallery depicts joy and pain on earth.

Photography, as of universal common language of art, conveys stories of life of some to others. The art enthusiast watching the artworks in our collection do not watch a photography work only,  they also read a poem, they listen to a story, they open the first page of a tale.