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Yusuf Tuvi

1938 Izmir born photographer studied electric and electronics engineering at university. His career in photography started lately in 1974 and  in 1983, he was awarded AFIAP by FIA P (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique ).

His photographs were featured in the exhibitions "Kazlıçeşme" (1986), "Surlar/ City Walls " (1986) and "Birikimler / Accumulations "(1989) . He is the cofounder of the group FOG together with colleagues Nevzat Çakır, İlyas Göçmen, İzzet Keribar, Mehmet Kısmet and Bülent Özgören.  The group has managed all works of his exhibitions and publications.
The photographer collected most of his art works in his books " Birikimler / Accumulations ". Four of his works were included and exhibited in the collection of the Istanbul Modern Art Museum.
His documentary photography works “Basmane and Hotels Street, which he prepared together with the photographer Birol Üzmez, were presented in solo exhibitions. Lately in 2012, he was given the award of Contribution in Conservation of Historical, Environmental and Cultural Assets by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.
His art works have been presented in many solo exhibitions, magazines, almanacs, and in a book entitled New York.
Yusuf Tuvi’s retrospective including his photography of nearly forty years, from 1980’s onwards, was exhibited in Izmir in 2016 and one year later in Istanbul. Lately the book of the exhibition was published with the name of " A Life Adventure Through The Lens". 
As a member of Istanbul IFSAK and Izmir IFOD Foundations, he continues to share his passion and experience in photography with many young photographers.

Ballentine’s Finest Special Award (UK, 1994)
6th Istanbul International FIAP Photography Contest “FIAP Silver Medal” Award (Turkey, 1991)
Photo Creative Magazine First Prize (Germany, 1986)
Photo Creative Magazine First Prize (Germany, 1985)
7th Reus International FIAP Photography Contest "FIAP Bronze Medal” Award (Spain, 1985)
Enka Holding Art Foundation Photography Contest First Prize and mention (Turkey, 1985)
8th IFSAK National Photography Contest Second Prize (Turkey, 1984)
1st State Photography Contest Third Prize (Turkey, 1983)
Kodak Film “Children Within Life’’ Contest First Prize (Turkey, 1982)

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