The Best Present is Art

Kemal Nuraydın


1970 Antakya born photographer started to have interest in photography when he was studying law at university.  Lately Nuraydin shared his knowledge in photography in his column in the first travel and geography magazine of the country, Atlas.  In the mean time he was working as the writer and the photographer of travel pages of Cosmopolitan, Turkey.

The photographer started to worked for National Geographic Turkey in 2001 and he was executive editor of the magazine when he decided to change the path of his career in 2011.

His photography contributed as local consultant to National Geographic’s Istanbul and Western Turkey guide-book. Artworks of the photographer have been published in many countries including Japan, Europe and USA.

The photographer has held several exhibitions in France, Greece, Turkey, Spain, USA (Washington D.C, Kansas). His long-term project on Kurdish Nomads was accepted to the permanent collection of the Wichita State University Anthropology Museum.


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