The Best Present is Art

Karen Claudia

 1967 born Karen discovered her passion and talent for photography subsequently when she was a photographer of Instagram age.
She started to make photography  with a phone camera and soon after switched to a professional one.
Karen takes photographs early in the morning when light contributes a lot to mysterious fairy-tale beauty of nature. This is what identifies the photography of Karen.
Her photography is extremely popular in social media recently and have been published many times by the most important photo-hubs on Instagram.
One of her works was published on the @instagram account itself in December 2017 and received more than two million likes which was record number of 2017.
"I love how my photography have “wow” effect on people" says Karen. "That's what I always want to do. I want people to fascinate with my photography. The best ones are not only pretty but they also evoke curiosity of people.”

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