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Engin Güneysu

Engin Guneysu was born in 1981 in Samsun

in 2004,he began to work as photography editor for Cena advertisement agency.

In 2004, he worked for Bodrum’un Kalbi magazine and his photographs were published in Cesme Guide book.

From 2006 to 2007 he gave education to children in Samsun Education volunteers Park, in intervals.

In 2008, he won the second prize in Turkey part of the National Geographic Photography Contest, in travel. He also had many awards and exhibition for his works in the same year.

In 2011, his works are being preserved in Turkish Photography Museum.

He currently lives in Istanbul and continues his work as a member photographer at Agence Le Journal.

Recently, he is working as a freelance photographer for several magazines and leads photography workshops in İstanbul.


006  Samsun, 1. Art Street Festival, Group Exhibition

2007  Samsun,  75. Years Culture Center "40 Frames" Group Exhibition.

2007  Samsun, 75. Years Culture Center,  "Coasts" Personal Exhibition.

2010  İstanbul, Taksim Piramid Art Gallery,  İFSAK 3. Young Photographers Festival "200 Houses" Group Exhibition.

2010  Bursa,  Gren Cafe and Art House '' 200 Houses '' Personal Exhibition.

2010  Bursa,  Acıbadem Bursa Hospital Art Gallerys, '' 200 Houses ''  Personal Exhibition.

2011  Bursa, Gren Cafe and Art House ''Language of Street, İstanbul As You Know It''  Personal Exhibition.

2010  İstanbul,  Fototrek Photography Center, Culture Capital İstanbul Project, ''Language of Street, İstanbul As You Know It''  Personal Exhibition.

2011  Bursa, Bursaphotofest , "Journey of Locations" Group Exhibition.

2013  2.International Clarinet Festivale '' Meeting '' Personal Exhibition

2013 Bursa, Bursaphotofest , '' Playful City '' istanbul street photos Personal Exhibition


2009  Top 500 Photographs – Ilke Press/ Photography series

2011   Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Co. " Faces of istanbul " Project , "100 Routes of Istanbul" Book Photographs.

2011   Istanbul Photography Parade 2010-1 exhibition Book.

2011   Photography Today 2011,Turkish Photography Museum Book.

2014  Bir İsyanı Fotoğraflamak

2015 Nakş-I Istanbul Ortaköy Büyük Mecidiye Camii

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